Ways to use Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has been part of the American fabric since 1886. Doc Pemberton, a pharmacist who served in the Civil War, invented this drink, but he died just a couple of years later. He would never see the commercial success of the drink. It was Asa Griggs Candler who marketed Coca-Cola as the drink that became a national brand.

There are a lot of myths and legends about Coke. It used to be thought that Coke and aspirin would make you high. Some have tried to use Coke as a spermicide. It won’t keep you from getting pregnant. It’s not used for cleaning up crime scenes, even though it is an effective cleaner on many types of stains. And it will dissolve teeth and nails, but it takes a long time. It does not contain cocaine, even though it has in the past. It is safe to drink, in moderation, of course. Here are some uses for Coke that you may not have considered.

15. Use Coke for cleaning up

Red Ford vintage Coca cola truck (pickup)

It’s a glass cleaner. Shake a can up and pour it over your windshield to get the crud off. You can also use on your indoor windows. The citric acid works hard to make glass sparkle and shine. It can also defrost a frozen windshield.

Coke removes grease and blood stains from clothing. You can also add it to the wash as a deodorizer and stain remover. Some people have even used it on marker stains from carpet. This might seem counterintuitive, but it works. Coke removes stains on pots and pans. If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, use Coke as a deodorizer to get the smell out.

14. Clean the bathroom

Coke Toilet Cleaner

Clean your tile grout or toilet. The carbonic acid in the Coke (and in other soft drinks) make soda an excellent way to clean up stains and remove rust deposits in the bathroom. According to Snopes.com, carbonic acid is found in carbonated water, as well as many sodas. The concentration is small enough that the gastric acid in your stomach is stronger than the citric or phosphoric acid in the soft drink.

13. Remove corrosion

Coke Toilet Cleaner

Mechanics have used Coke to clean up car engines and to clean the corrosion off old batteries. Pour Coke on a rusted bolt to loosen it up. It can be used as a paint stripper, especially on metal furniture. Soak a towel in Coke and lay it on the surface you wish to strip. You have to leave it there for a few days and keep the towel wet with Coke.

12. Make dessert

Coke Toilet Cleaner

Bake a chocolate cake with Coke. The soda adds flavor, moistness, and sweetness to your plain-old cake recipe. Substitute Coke in your brownie recipe for the eggs and oil. Low-fat brownies that are chocolaty and yummy. Make funnel cakes with Coke. You just need five other ingredients and whipped cream to top the cakes. It’s a great way to enjoy some downtime from electronics and have fun with your kids.

11. In your garden

Coke Toilet Cleaner

Pour a can of Coke into your compost bin to encourage microorganism growth. It will also make your lawn healthy when you pour it onto your grass. Azaleas and gardenias perk up when Coke is used for watering them. It also kills snails and slugs in your garden.

10. Use to cook meat

Coke Toilet Cleaner

Mix up Coke and ketchup for a sweet BBQ sauce. You can also use the Coke solo to baste ham or another meat. The sugars caramelize as the meat cooks, and it adds a little sweetness to the pot. Coke mixed with Italian seasoning can be a great marinade for a tough piece of meat.

Braise sausages in Coke to add flavor. Use the leftover liquid to caramelize onions to go with the sausages.

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9. First aid


A teaspoon of flat Coke can help relieve nausea or diarrhea. Try gargling with ice-cold Coke to get rid of hiccups. Hot Coke is good for relieving congestion.

Coke can neutralize a jellyfish bite or wasp sting. The venom is alkaline, and Coke is acidic. However, if you are allergic, you should get to the hospital right away. Bee sting venom is acidic. Coke may help relieve the pain due to its coolness, but it won’t neutralize the venom.

8. As a pesticide


For your next picnic, set out open cans of Coke to catch bugs. When they sit on the can, you can easily kill them. It also gives them another place to land instead of on your food. Wasps will drown in the liquid.

Some farmers in India are said to use Coke as a pesticide, but the company denies that there is anything in the drink that will kill bugs. Many people spray Coke on ant hills or cockroaches to destroy the nests because the insects cannot digest the carbonation.

7. Make a fountain


Just for fun. If you’ve never added Mentos to a bottle of Coke, try it once. Make sure to go outside to appreciate the fountain effect. Get a 2-liter bottle of Coke. Crush up Mentos candies, then add them to the bottle. The bottle needs to be on a level surface and stable enough to stand upright. Some recommend four Mentos, while some say seven is the perfect number. It can create a fountain up to 20-feet, so get back. Best enjoyed with lots of friends around.

6. As a mixer

rum and coke

Coke mixes well with rum, vodka and Jack Daniels, but it is also used for many popular drinks, including a Long Island Iced Tea, Cuba Libre and a Mad Hatter. Some bartenders have even mixed Coke and red wine for a drink called Diablo’s Blood.

5. For your hair

curling hair

Flat Coke is said to make hair curly. Pour it onto wet hair. Let it sit a few minutes, then rinse. It also fades hair color. If you dye your hair too dark, try some Coke on the hair to lighten it up before going back to your stylist.

You can use Coke to remove gum from your hair. You might have to leave it on for a few minutes before working on the gum, but try this before cutting your hair. Try Coke on your shoes or clothing to remove gum, too.

4. On your skin


Mix 1 tablespoon of flat Coke into your moisturizer before using the cream on your skin. It helps your skin glow and be smoother. Another website recommends using Coke on the skin to get a deep tan, but remember that there is no sunscreen in Coke. This could be disastrous.

3. In your hobbies

coin collectionPlace coins in a bowl of Coke. Let the money sit for a while, and it will be bright and shiny. Age photos or paper by dipping the material in Coke. Let it soak in for a few seconds, then remove it and let it dry. The paper will appear vintage, and you’ll have a special memento.

2. Enhance the flavor of peanuts


Put peanuts in your Coke. In 1994, Barbara Mandrell sang “I remember circlin’ the drive-in, pullin’ up / And turnin’ down George Jones / I remember when no one was lookin’ / I was puttin’ peanuts in my Coke / I took a lot of kiddin’ / ‘Cause I never did fit in / now look at everybody tryin’ to be what I was then / I was country, when country wasn’t cool. Oooh” A Coke historian believes Coke and peanuts started back in the 1920s, in the South at filling stations where Coke was being sold.

1. On the floor

mop floor with coke

Use Coke to clean up oil stains on floors. You might need to let it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping up the spill, but there’s something in the soda that helps to neutralize the oil to wipe it up. You can also mop a floor with Coke to make it sticky and keep people from falling on a slick surface. Of course, you’ll want to rinse off the stickiness later.

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