10. Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Your washing machine works hard to launder your clothes. Unfortunately, detergents, grime, and hard water deposits can build up in the interior of your machine as well as within the pump and hoses. The moist and humid environment of your washer may also harbor bacteria. If you wash your laundry on the cold cycle, your machine may benefit from the sanitizing effects of a hot water cycle. Bob Vila recommends wiping out the interior of your washer, then running a hot water cycle with bleach. Next, check the inlet screen on the back of your washer for debris.

9. Blinds and Baseboards

Blinds And Drapes

Neglect your blinds for too long, and they will become caked with dust and dirt. Jenny
Stanley at Family Handyman offers a trick for cleaning both sides of blinds simultaneously. Simply attach a rag or piece of microfiber cloth to both sides of a pair of kitchen tongs and run the tongs along each section of your blinds. Baseboards also tend to attract dust. You may need to give extremely dirty baseboards a good scrubbing. However, baseboards that receive regular attention may require only a light dusting with a microfiber cloth.

8. Upholstered Furniture

Couches And Couch Cushions

When vacuuming carpeting and rugs, don’t forget to give your upholstered chairs, couches, and loveseats a once-over. If your furniture harbors the smells of food, pets, or sweaty socks, sprinkle the cushions with baking soda before vacuuming. Don’t forget to vacuum beneath the cushions, where you may find a treasure trove of loose change, lost pencils, and cookie crumbs.

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