7. Throw Rugs

Throw Rugs

Throw rugs can harbor dust, dirt, hair, and germs. Merry Maids recommends cleaning your throw rugs with your vacuum cleaner and an upholstery attachment on a regular basis. For a deep cleaning, you may be able to wash cotton rugs in your washing machine. Wool rugs require more gentle treatment. Give them a good shaking followed by vacuuming them and gently scrubbing by hand with a mild detergent.

6. Pillows

Replace Pillow

The decorative pillows on your couch can also benefit from regular cleaning. Removable pillow covers are easy to toss into your washing machine. However, the inserts can also harbor dust. Check the labels on your pillows. Many times, they can be placed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Bed pillows also attract dust, hair oils, and drool. Fluff them regularly, wash them on the gentle cycle if applicable, and consider hanging them out in the sunshine as a natural disinfectant.

5. Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan

Removing dust and dirt from ceiling fans will help you breathe easier. You can use a pillow case to trap dust and prevent spreading it while cleaning ceiling fan blades. Simply slip the pillow case over each blade to wipe it. Light fixtures also gather dust. Furthermore, you may be surprised how many insect carcasses have taken up residence inside the fixtures. You can wipe down light fixtures with a microfiber cloth or remove them to clean in soapy water.

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