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You may consider the bathroom to be the germiest area in your home. However, while bathrooms are easily recognized as places heavily populated by germs, there are many other areas of the home that go overlooked. Many of the most frequently used items in your home may be havens for bacteria and viruses, yet manage to escape regular cleaning or sanitizing. Check out this list of items in your home that may be even filthier than your toilet seat.

15. Carpeting

Carpet Deodorizer

That carpeting that looks so clean may be a repository for all sorts of dirt, debris, and germs. The fibers in carpeting can trap dust, dead skin cells, and pet dander. They receive the effects of spilled food, muddy paws, and sticky toddler fingers. When water is spilled, damp carpeting can aid the growth of bacteria tracked in on shoes. While vacuuming removes dust and dirt from the top layers of carpeting, your vacuum isn’t able to reach the lower layers of the carpet or provide any sanitizing effects. Invest in a professional carpet cleaning service once a year to give your carpets a deep cleaning.

14. Coffeepot Water Reservoirs


While your coffeepot may get a daily scrubbing, the reservoir containing water is easy to overlook. This moist environment can be a breeding ground for germs. Allow the interior of your reservoir to dry out each day by leaving the lid open. Mr. Coffee recommends cleaning your coffee maker once a month with vinegar and water. First, pour vinegar into the water reservoir and run the coffee pot as normal to circulate the vinegar through the machine. Then, repeat this process twice using fresh water each time to fully flush the vinegar out of the system.


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