Recycled Milk Carton

Life tends to be busy and chaotic. Sometimes the chaos of life is reflected in the chaos of an overcrowded home. If you are feeling harried and overwhelmed, you may discover that you are surrounded by clutter. Going through your belongings and sorting out items to throw away, recycle, or gift to others doesn’t have to be a monumental task. In fact, you may feel your mental load lightens as you remove broken, unused, or unnecessary items from your house. Here are 15 items that you don’t need to have hanging around the house.

15. Holey Socks, Shoes, and Underwear

Lack Of Socks

Why is it so difficult to throw away holey items of clothing? Perhaps you think you will repurpose your holey socks into a sock puppet. Maybe you feel one day it will be crucially important to have that pair of stretched out undies available. The truth is, you are extremely unlikely to find a use for holey old tennis shoes, tattered underwear, or frayed socks. Make some room in your closet or dresser drawer and toss these items out.

14. Mismatched Socks

Mismatched Socks

Unless you are a tween rocking one magenta sock and one lime green, you probably don’t choose to wear mismatched socks. You may have collected a pile of socks that have lost their mates. Stop holding out hope that those missing mates will one day reappear in your sock drawer or clothes dryer. After a few laundry cycles, chances are those lost socks aren’t going to reappear.


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