13. Expired Makeup, Medications, and Food

Expiration Dates

You probably don’t intend to hang out to expired goods such as makeup, medicine, and food items. This challenge with this category is taking the time to inspect items for expiration dates. Plan to sort through your refrigerator each week, tossing out items such as expired bottles of dressing and wilted lettuce. Take an inventory of your medicine cabinet and remove drugs that are past their expiration date. The FDA website can help you find a location that accepts expired medications. Eye makeup such as mascara or eyeliner should be discarded after three months.

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12. Business Cards from Past Employment

Business Cards

The business cards that came in handy two jobs ago are useless to you now. Rather than hanging on to them, free up some space on your desk and place these items in the recycling bin. Other paper items that belong in the recycling bin are old calendars, old posters, and takeout menus. Chances are, if you want to order Chinese takeout, you can look up the menu online while you are looking up the phone number.

11. Old Phone Chargers and Electronics Cables

Electronics Cables

If old phone chargers, cables, and cords are accumulating in your closet, it is time to let them go. When you have a tangled mass of cords, it is highly likely you are no longer sure which appliances they go with. If you don’t know where to use an item, it is useless. When your cord collection has been hanging out in your closet for months or years, it is no longer needed. Avoid throwing these items into your trash can when decluttering. Instead, take them to an electronics disposal site.



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