10. Outgrown Toys

Children’s Toys

It can be difficult to part with a formerly well-loved toy that no longer sees the outside of a closet. It is fine to choose a few beloved childhood items to save into adulthood. However, donating usable items to someone who can enjoy them makes both of you feel good. You may think it wise to hold on to your children’s old toys for when grandchildren come along. However, many a grandparent discovers they would rather head to the store for shiny new items for their little ones to play with.

9. Clothing You Don’t Wear


If your closet is bulging or contains many items you never wear, consider sorting through your wardrobe to highlight the outfits you truly enjoy wearing. First, discard any items that are stained, frayed, or worn. Next, form a pile of clothing items that are still in good condition, but no longer to your taste. To this pile, add items that no longer fit you. These are the items you can feel good about donating to others who will enjoy wearing them.

8. Wire Hangers from the Dry Cleaners

Wire Hangers

If wire hangers are seemingly multiplying in your closets, it is time to get them out of the house. Consider returning these items to the dry cleaners to be reused. Other places that may benefit from hanger donations are schools, daycare centers, clothing resale shops, and shelters. Avoid tossing wire hangers into your recycling bin, as some centers find they get tangled up in their recycling equipment.

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