House Cleaner

If housekeeping isn’t your thing and you are fortunate enough to be able to hire someone else to do the job, you want to make sure to keep your cleaner happy. Finding a house cleaner who is efficient, trustworthy, and dependable is a real treat. If you find a gem, you will want to keep your cleaner happy and loyal. A happy house cleaner translates to a happy homeowner. Here are 15 secrets that your house cleaner may wish you knew.

15. Keep an Adequate Stock of Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Providing your house cleaner with the appropriate cleaning supplies ensures that the cleaning process goes smoothly. Supplies are expensive. Additionally, if you desire organic products, allergen-free formulations, or certain brands, you should provide them yourself. If you expect your house cleaner to run the dishwasher, make sure to replenish your stock of detergent. Similarly, it is difficult to dispose of trash if you have run out of trash bags.

14. Furnish Cleaning Equipment

Furnish Cleaning Equipment

Don’t expect your housekeeper to be able to wash your floors properly without a mop, scrub your toilet without a clean brush, or dust out-of-reach ceiling fans without the proper tools. Even if your housekeeper does travel with a vacuum cleaner in the trunk of the car, supplying your own makes it a snap for your cleaner to arrive and get right to work. The easier it is for your housekeeper, the more satisfied you both will be with the end result. Need a vacuum? Check out Consumer Reports’ top picks for vacuum cleaners.


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