13. Mirrors


While mirrors are made of glass, the coating painted on their backs makes them impossible to recycle. If you are finished with a mirror that is still in good condition, consider donating it to a thrift shop. Broken mirrors should be handled the same as broken glass. First, carefully sweep up the pieces and wrap them in paper or cloth, being careful to avoid cuts. Next, place the wrapped pieces of the mirror into a box, seal the package well with tape, and label it to warn others broken glass is within. Finally, place the box into your trash container.

12. Some Kitchen Paper Products

Paper Towel

Paper towels, napkins, and tissues don’t go into the recycling bin. Soiled paper products retain traces of food or grease that make them unfit for recycling. However, even clean napkins and paper towels aren’t suitable for recycling. Many of these products have been made from other recycled items. Each time they are recycled, their fibers become shorter and less usable. Instead, add soiled kitchen paper products to your compost pile or organics bin.

11. Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper

According to Recycle Nation, some recycling companies are able to recycle shredded paper, but many are not. The small flecks of shredded paper can create a mess if the recycling center is not equipped to handle it. Check with your local recycling service to determine whether shredded paper is accepted in your area. In some locales, shredded paper is accepted if it is sealed in a paper bag.



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