7. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is another item that may or may not be allowed in your recycling bin. While clean kitchen foil can be fully recyclable, not all recycling programs are equipped to deal with this material. If your recycling company collects aluminum foil, be sure to clean off any food residue. Next, crumple the foil up into a ball before placing it in the bin. If your recycler does not accept aluminum foil, you can clean off crumbs or wipe off liquids for immediate reuse in your own home.

6. Plastic Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps

Plastic bottle caps are another item that may or may not be accepted by your recycling company. Some companies accept them gladly, even still attached to the bottles. Others will accept them but ask that you first separate the cap from the container. Others do not accept bottle caps at all. Once again, you can check with your recycling company to determine if they accept plastic caps.

5. Clothing Hangers


While many clothing hangers are made from plastic, their plastic content varies and therefore recycling programs are not able to accept them. Broken plastic hangers should be discarded in your trash bin. If your closets have become overrun with plastic hangers, consider donating them to a thrift shop, nursing home, or shelter. Avoid placing wire hangers in your recycling bin as well, as they can create a tangle or jam up recycling machinery. Instead, return gently used wire hangers to your dry cleaner or donate them to a charity where they can be used again.



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