The Vacuum

Vacuuming may not be your favorite chore. However, once you have the vacuum out, plugged in, and humming along, you might as well put it to good use. In fact, you may be intrigued to learn how many household objects can be cleaned, relieved of dust, and freshened with just your vacuum hose and attachments. You may be amazed at how simple it is to make dusty, dingy objects look clean and fresh with just a quick vacuuming. Additionally, removing dust from these surfaces prevents allergy symptoms caused by dust particles.

17. Baseboards


Baseboards are easy to ignore. They are just high enough to miss out on a good cleaning when you get out your mop or broom, yet they seem to be magnets for dust, which can collect along the edges and ridges. When you are vacuuming, use the long, thin crevice attachment to get into the space where the baseboard meets the floor. Make a quick run along that edge to suck up any dirt or debris that may be trapped there. Then grab the brush attachment and make a quick swipe along the top edge of the baseboards to loosen any dust and quickly suction it away.

16. Beneath Furniture


When running the vacuum around a room, avoid the temptation to ignore the hidden areas beneath a recliner, your sofa, or the bed. Although you don’t often see these areas, they still collect the dust and lint that can contribute to allergies and make you feel sick. While you may not move your sofa or bed every single time you get out the vacuum, make vacuuming beneath them a regular practice.


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