15. White Snakeroot

White Snakeroot

White snakeroot is a plant that grows in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. When cows consume this poisonous plant, it can cause a condition known as milk sickness. In fact, the National Park Service reports that Abraham Lincoln’s mother died from milk sickness caused by this poisonous plant.

14. American Pokeweed

American Pokeweed

The American pokeweed plant contains colorful berries that may be attractive to children. As tasty as these berries may appear, you should never eat them. According to Poison Control, ingesting pokeberries can result in bloody vomiting, bloody diarrhea, stomach pain, and low blood pressure.

13. Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade

The aptly named deadly nightshade is indeed deadly. This plant, native to Europe, is not commonly found in the United States. According to Poisonous Nature, the berries of this plant are attractive to children due to their strong resemblance to cherries. However, ingesting as few as two berries can be fatal to a child. Meanwhile, consuming one leaf can kill an adult. Symptoms of poisoning include a red face, dry mouth, heart arrhythmias, and hallucinations.


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