18. Crisp Up a Taco Shell

Taco Shells

Transform soft tortillas into crispy taco shells in your microwave oven. Simply stand the tortilla up in a microwave-safe mug, then place the mug on its side in your microwave. Heat on high for 1 minute. Your tortilla will turn into a crispy, crunchy shell suitable for loading with your favorite taco meats and toppings.

17. Ease Garlic Peeling


Peeling cloves of garlic can be a real chore. Make this task easier by softening the garlic bulb in the oven before attempting to peel it. Pop the bulb in your microwave for about 20 seconds, then break open the bulb and the skins should slide right off.

16. Prepare a Warm Space for Rising Dough


A loaf of bread hot from the oven hits the spot on a wintry day. However, on a chilly day, it can be challenging to find a warm spot in your kitchen to let the dough rise. You can solve this problem by placing a small dish of water in your microwave and heating it on high for 2 minutes. Then, remove the container of water, and you have a toasty warm space to place your bowl of bread dough to allow it to rise.

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