15. Soften Citrus Fruits for Squeezing

citrus fruits

Get the most juice out of your lemons, limes, or oranges by softening them up in the microwave before squeezing. Place a piece of whole citrus in your microwave and heat it for about 20 seconds. Then, slice the fruit in half and give each half a good squeezing.

14. Rejuvenate Stale Bread

If your bread has gone stale, revive it with a quick zap in the microwave. First, wet a cloth towel with fresh, clean water. The cloth should be moist, not dripping wet. Next, wrap the stale loaf or slices of bread in the cloth and place in your microwave on a plate or dish. Heat in 10-second intervals until your bread has achieved the proper moisture level.

13. Prepare a Batch of Toasted Nuts

You can toast a batch of nuts in your microwave in just minutes. Spread the nuts evenly on a microwaveable plate. Then, microwave on high power, pausing to stir and check the color at 1-minute intervals. When the nuts start to brown, decrease the time to 30-second intervals until you achieve the desired doneness.

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