9. Revive Crystallized Honey


If your jar of honey has crystallized into a solid block, you can use your microwave to soften it. Simply uncover the jar and heat on high in 30-second intervals. If your honey is in a plastic container that may be altered by rays of the microwave, then simply warm a dish of water in the microwave. Remove the bowl of water and use it as a warm bath to soak and warm your container of honey.

8. Soften Dried Beans


If you want to use dried beans in a recipe and forgot to soak them overnight, you can use your microwave to soften them. Hurst’s Hambeens Brand provides these instructions for soaking your beans in the microwave. First, place your beans along with 3 cups of water for every cup of dry beans into a microwaveable dish. Next, cover the dish and microwave on high for until boiling (about 15 minutes). Then, remove the dish from the microwave. Allow to stand for one hour before draining the beans and rinsing them with fresh, cold water.

7. Dry Herbs


Hanging fresh herbs to dry can take a long time. Meanwhile, drying herbs in the microwave can take just minutes. Purdue University states that you can place 4-5 fresh, clean herb branches between 2 paper towels and dry them out in the microwave. Use high heat and zap the herbs for 2-3 minutes. Purdue does caution you to watch your herbs carefully while microwaving them to prevent burning them and starting a fire.



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