18. Polish Headlights or Chrome

Polish Headlights

When washing your car, try using toothpaste to clean away gunk and residue from both your headlights and taillights. Use toothpaste and a toothbrush to get into the little crevices and grooves around the lights. Give the lights a good polishing, and then rinse away any excess paste with water. You can also polish the chrome on the grill of your car with toothpaste and a stiff brush. Toothpaste also works well for polishing chrome on your bicycle, motorcycle, bathroom fixtures, and hood ornaments.

17. Clean Refrigerator Seals

Clean Refrigerator

The gaskets, or seals, that line the door of your refrigerator are critical for maintaining the airtight seal that keeps your perishables at the correct temperature. These seals often become dirty and grimy. Toothpaste can help clean and whiten these items. Use a toothbrush to clean between the accordion-style folds of these gaskets. While you are cleaning, check for any gaps in the seal, which can allow cold air to seep out of your fridge.

16. Prep New Swim Goggles to Prevent Fogging

Swim Goggles

Scubaguru notes that new swim goggles may come with a thin layer of silicone coating the lens. This coating can allow fog to collect on the lens, making vision difficult. Scubaguru suggests pre-treating new, glass goggles with a basic, slightly abrasive toothpaste to remove this silicone layer. Rub the toothpaste on both sides of the lens and then rinse away. Avoid using abrasive toothpaste on plastic goggles, as their surfaces can easily scratch.



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