12. Whiten Piano Keys

Whiten Piano Keys

The whitening properties of toothpaste can be useful for reviving dingy piano keys. Choose a slightly abrasive, whitening toothpaste to revive the fresh white hue of your keyboard. Individually clean each key with a soft, damp cloth dipped in a solution of toothpaste and water. Soon you will once again be “tickling the ivories” instead of grubby, dingy keys.

11. Polish Jewelry

Polish Jewelry

A dab of toothpaste can allow you to revive jewelry that has lost its luster. Applying toothpaste with a toothbrush allows you to clean the nooks and crannies in your jewelry settings. Soap scum, lotions, and grime can get caught in the settings of your wedding ring and dull the shine of your diamonds. Give your ring a scrubbing with toothpaste, and it will glitter once again.

10. Scrub Countertop Stains

Bathroom Countertop,

If you want to remove a stain on your kitchen or bathroom countertop, give toothpaste a try. The abrasives found in toothpaste accompanied by the whitening component can help eradicate stains from foods, ink, or makeup. Rub on some toothpaste, allow it to dry, and then scrub away the stain.



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