15. Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma

While it is almost a guarantee that no woman who went through childbirth wants to hear about it, men who witness the birth of a child can experience post-traumatic stress-like symptoms. This can in turn cause men to become unable to engage sexually with their partner, as they may not be able to look at the vulva the same way they did prior to seeing the birth. For women, the vaginal area may have suffered damage, so she might be traumatized by the rigorous experience, traumatized by childbirth complications, or experiencing postpartum depression,

14. Lack of Body Confidence

Lack Of Body Confidence

No matter one’s age, size or weight, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin can be a major obstacle to having a great sex life. Couples should be open to visiting a sex therapist to better communicate with their partners regarding their sexual issues and finding a solution in order to fully engage in a positive sexual experience.

13. Unfulfilling Sex

Unfulfilling Sex

Near 75 percent of women never reach orgasm during sex, according to a comprehensive analysis of 33 studies. Although it may not occur every time, the lack of orgasms during sex could be off-putting for women.



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