12. Feeling Unwanted

Feeling Unwanted

If a partner feels like he or she isn’t wanted or desired, it can essentially be a turnoff. In long-term relationships, it can often become easy to get too comfortable with your partner and forget about the little things, such as telling your significant other they are attractive and how much you desire them. These small gestures or comments can make your partner feel important.

11. Infidelity


If one or both partners are unfaithful, rekindling a sexual connection can become very difficult. No matter who is cheating, trust is such an essential part of the intimate connection that if it’s not restored, the relationship can be lost. Couples therapy can help partners communicate better, but sometimes therapy alone is not sufficient to help couples. It can be a long process, from slowly reconnecting to changing the dynamic between partners.

10. Lack of Exercise

Lack Of Exercise

Working out not only gets your heart rate pumping; your body is releasing endorphins or feel-good chemicals in your brain that instantly put you in a better mood. This can increase your interest in sex along with increasing body confidence.



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