Richard McDonald sure has built a legacy. Yes, we are talking about the much-loved mascot, Ronald McDonald, and everything else that this iconic chain of fast food restaurants stands for. With an awe-inspiring 75-plus years of serving the world affordable and finger-licking fast food, McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world today.

Estimated to serve a massive 68 million customers a day in virtually every major city in the world, the company is also one of the largest global employers, second only to Wal-Mart. McDonald’s has a colossal human resource base of more than 250,000 employees, serving food in 36,000 outlets across five continents. Impressive for sure!

And yet, if you believe that such a large food chain is bound to have some not so savory secrets, you wouldn’t be wrong. Here are 21 hidden facts about the McDonald’s food chain at large. Get ready to be surprised!

21. Not Everything Is as Deliciously Fresh as You Think

Deliciously Fresh

Take that tempting apple pie, for instance. Sure, it looks and feels hot and luscious, crispy even, just the way you like it. But if you think that it is being served to you fresh from the oven, or even made that day, we will happily forgive you for being naive.

As one employee said, the pies do have an expiration date (as per Ronnie’s standards). But it’s not like they actually turn bad immediately after. Most employees continue to serve pie for some time after its deemed expiration date. We wouldn’t blame you if you suddenly lost your craving for pie. But if it smells and tastes good, then you should be good to go.

20. Not Everything Is as Free as You Think

Free As

Like that extra lettuce or onions you just ordered with your salad. Or that honey mustard sauce you swapped on your burger. Or even that extra layer of creamy cheese. On the upside, you have to thank them for their flexibility, as they indulge most of our customized orders.

But do note that this comes with an extra charge, however tiny. It seems perfectly reasonable for McDonald’s employees to charge you the extra 30 cents for your highly customized meal. But here’s the sweet deal. If you ask the right employee, very nicely, they just might give it all to you for free. So be extra nice.


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