19. Your Food Might Meet the Floor First

Burger Buns

This isn’t as outrageous as you might first think, especially if you are into the five-second rule. As per this rule, if food has been dropped on the floor, but has been picked up within five seconds, it’s good enough (and hygienic enough, apparently) to eat!

Why blame the McDonald’s employees who follow the rules? Especially with chicken nuggets, burger buns, etc. Most of us believe that food wastage is a crime. These employees seem to be going the extra distance to do their bit for food shortages. As customers, we can only pray that the floor is also squeaky clean!

18. The Employees Forgive Your Ignorance

Employees Trust

In fact, this seems to be their oft-repeated mantra, “Never ever underestimate the ignorance of the customer!” (And you perhaps thought that the “customer is king”!) To be fair, McDonald’s employees seem to deal with a wide spectrum of customers, from the indulgently hazy to the downright crazy. Thanks to their mantra, they are able to take it all in stride and patiently deal with our quirks. What can we say? Thank you for your service to society!

17. The Ice Cream Machine Could Be Broken

Ice Cream Machine

Did you put in your dream order only to find that you have to forgo your favorite dessert of milkshake or Ronnie’s soft serve yet again? Well, this isn’t as unlikely as you think. According to their employees, their milkshake and dessert machines do have a questionable reputation.

The machines also act up when employees mix the wrong ingredients in the wrong slots. You can’t really blame them, as McDonald’s employees strive to constantly serve you “fast” food. At Mickey D’s, speed beats accuracy any day! So skip that milkshake or ice cream, and order that day-old pie. But even if it is a slightly different flavor, so what? It is still a treat!

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