4. They Cater to Your Whims and Fancies


They try their level best. They really do! This includes changing the sauce on your burger. Or making a fresh batch of salt-free fries (even if this includes first cleaning out the salt out from the fryer machines). And they usually do all of it without spitting into your food.

But if you are one of those annoying customers that wait in line and are still unsure of what you want to order? All bets are off! Likewise with ultra-customized orders, where you do your annoying best to replace almost every other ingredient that is part of the default order. In these cases, be prepared to face the wrath of the exasperated employee. Fortunately, this still does not include spitting in your food!

3. It Is Best to Stay Clear of the Burrito


Fancy yourself a fresh McDonald’s Burrito for breakfast? Not your best choice of healthy meal. Like the apple pie, Ronnie’s burritos don’t always come with the promise of freshness. In fact, it’s not unlikely that those burritos have been sitting in your favorite McDonald’s outlet for a while.

Also, the egg in it is often microwaved. That’s a good enough reason to steer clear! Conversely, the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish is a dish that has been around forever. Yet, it is ordered so rarely that employees are forced to prepare it from scratch. So if that is your breakfast dish of choice, be prepared for a good wait.

2. There Is No “Secret” of the Mighty McGangBang


This “secret” only has their employees rolling their eyes. The big reveal is that there is no fancy Mickey D’s secret menu, or a McGangBang! So when a customer walks in and orders one, the employees simply add a chicken burger on top of a double cheeseburger and serve it to you with a big smile. Hardly a secret, is it?

1. They Have a Demanding Hiring Process


This one now seems obvious. Working at Mickey D’s outlet is surely no cakewalk. With all the unusual demands they face, their employees need to be sharp and think on their feet all day long. And with a smile! It is a tough ask, and this is reflected in their equally tough hiring process. So if you think you can simply walk into an outlet and start working within the hour, their employees would urge you to think again!

Managers look for individuals who are strong team players, with solid communication skills. They also look for individuals exposed to a diverse set of people, with plenty of extracurricular activities. Essentially, you need to show them that you are more than equipped to take on their demanding customers (or confused ones). Or even the irate ones who order everything all wrong, but expect you to take the blame for it. As you can guess, these traits are far rarer. But, if you do crack it, you get the privilege of receiving your work uniform from the world’s second-largest employer. Sweet!

McDonald’s is a global brand that has been around for three-quarters of a century. Is it all good? Certainly not, but it isn’t all bad either. There are plenty of reasons why it remains America’s favorite fast food joint. Knowing their potential pitfalls can help you work around them and continue to enjoy your cherished McDonald’s dining experience.

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