The modern woman is a superpower all by herself. She can cook up a storm in her kitchen, don the stylish CEO hat at work, be a social champion, and play loving nursemaid to her kids, all without breaking a sweat. Fortunately, she has several accomplices that help her in ingenious ways. Vinegar is just one of them.

Vinegar is as incandescent and versatile as the modern women. It, too can dazzle your audience in a matter of mere seconds. It even leaves its personal mark of radiance just as exquisite as a woman herself. From the boardroom to the bedroom, from the washroom to your tasteful living room, and in your grease-filled garage too! Forget diamonds. In highly stressful times, it is vinegar that actually emerges as a woman’s best friend!

Here is a just a small peek into the numerous ways vinegar can spruce up your everyday life and add some extra luster to it. Try it once, and you are sure to fall in love with it.

At Your Workplace, to Keep it Gleaming and Flawless 


A workplace has to have that something “extra” to showcase your awesomeness. That extra could simply be vinegar-induced flawlessness. Don’t believe us? Try out these spiffy tricks and check them out for yourself.

1.) Typically, there is always a sheen of dust that covers our gadgets and gear at work. You can send it away with a cotton swab, a glass of vinegar, and your never-say-die spirit! First, turn off all your gadgets, as some of them go crazy when they come in contact with liquids. Then wet your cotton swab in the vinegar solution (made with half vinegar and half water) and gently wipe all that dirt away. Between the keys of your keypad, your laptop screen, your desk, the entire works. It should take all of 2 minutes (faster than most noodles) and leave your workplace looking glitzy and spotless!

2.) Are your creative instincts falling prey to blunt objects? Spruce up your blades, scissors, and other gadgets by wiping them with white vinegar solution. Unlike plain water, a diluted vinegar solution will sharpen them further and keep rust far away.

3.) A ruined mouse ruining your dreams at work? It’s possibly just collected some stubborn dirt! Remove the mouse ball from within the gadget and give it a good scrub with your vinegar solution. Leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes while you wipe away the grime from the rest of your mouse. Re-insert the ball once dry, and voila, it’s all good again!

4.) Has unintended graffiti taken over the painted surfaces of your workspace? This can easily happen to those eager doodlers who know no bounds. Vinegar can save the day. Use a clean sponge and dab a few drops of undiluted vinegar. Gently swipe on the graffiti marks and see your paint job restored in seconds.

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