3. Yes: Finished Basement

Finished Basement

Sadly, 16.2% of homeowners find themselves longing for a finished basement. This is understandable, as a finished basement provides extra space for a family to spread out. Many of today’s homes have an open concept style of living space on the main floor. This means there are not a lot of places family members can go to close the door and be away from the noise and chaos of others. A finished basement hideout can be the perfect spot for teens to watch noisy movies, Dad to hibernate in his man cave, or younger children to jump and play.

2. No: Deck


A deck is an attractive addition to a home. It provides a place for outdoor grilling, eating, and entertaining. However, 7% of homeowners with decks would rather they had skipped this feature. Perhaps this is due to the upkeep required to keep a deck protected against the elements and looking beautiful. Bob Vila recommends thoroughly cleaning your deck once a year and inspecting it in order to repair damage or splinters. In addition to yearly cleaning, be sure to sweep away debris and pooled water as they gather.

1. The Takeaway

The Takeaway

Truth be told, all that really matters is you how you yourself feel about your home. This survey may give you ideas to ponder when planning for a new home purchase. On the other hand, it may just serve to remind you that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Before you covet your neighbor’s shiny stainless steel fridge or beautiful wooden deck, take note that those features may be fabulous. However, they may also have hidden issues. Embrace the place that you call home and make it a great place to live life.

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