3. Pineapple


Thinking it’s time to get rid of your dry and shriveled pineapple? Perhaps not. Simply remove a few bottom leaves until you have a small stump. Let it air dry for two days, then place the pineapple in a jar of water, immersing the stump. Place the jar in a warm location near a window and be sure to keep the jar filled with water until roots begin to form. After rooting, plant the pineapple in potting soil. It may eventually produce flowers that bear small pineapples.

2. Onion


Many believe you cannot eat onions that have sprouted, as they are presumed to be rotten. Others think that if you plant a sprouted onion, it will only produce flowers, which can then be harvested for seeds to plant the following year but will produce an inedible onion bulb. However, according to blogger Anktangle, growing new onions from sprouted ones is possible, and she even explains how she does it on her website.

1. Ginger


If you spot a shriveled or dried piece of ginger root, bury it about one-half inch deep in moist potting soil. Keep the soil moist but make sure it doesn’t get too soggy. The ginger root will quickly produce palm-like leaves and eventually sprout more edible ginger root below the soil.

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