Cleaning the house can be such a chore, along with everything else we have to do. Do we ever think about cleaning our plants? Probably not.

Unfortunately, our plants get dusty too, and then have a hard time growing or staying healthy. But if we want nice greenery and pretty flowers it might be time to give them a little love.

5. Dust Blocks Sunlight

Basil Plant

If your plants are dusty, they cannot get the sunlight they need for photosynthesis; that is how plants feed themselves. If you have pets, dander gets in the leaves, as well as spider webs, which makes it harder for the plants to look good. Cleaning them makes them healthy and decreases the chances of pest infestation and disease.

4. Cleaning the Leaves

Spider Plant

Plants with shiny leaves, whether short or long, can be wiped gently with a damp cloth. Or you can take your plants into the tub or shower and wash them off, let them drain, and wipe off the excess water on the leaves so they do not leave a residue if you have hard water. You can also use a light spray with a small amount of soap and lots of water to wash your bigger leaves.

If you have wooly leaves like with African violets, gently brush them with a soft makeup brush.


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