11. Pressure for Neck Pain

Pressure For Neck Pain

Got neck pain? Here’s a simple trick! With your thumbs or your fingertips, apply steady pressure on the painful spot on your neck for three minutes. Research has shown that this simple acupressure technique helps loosen tight muscles to lessen pain.

10. Soy for Osteoporosis


A review of several studies conducted by the University of North Carolina, Asheville found that people who ate foods rich in soy had healthier bones and demonstrated a reduced risk of fractures. Scientists are still trying to reveal which active compounds provide the protective benefits. Some sources of good protein include soybeans, soy milk, miso, tempeh, and tofu.

9. Capsaicin for Psoriasis


Capsaicin is what ultimately gives cayenne its famous heat. According to research, applying capsaicin cream helps lessen the itching caused by psoriasis.



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