8. Avocado for Razor Burn


Since avocado is rich in vitamins and oils that soften and hydrate the skin, it is also a great way to relieve the tenderness of razor burn. Simply apply the mashed avocado or avocado oil directly to the irritated skin.

7. Eucalyptus Oil for Sinusitis

Eucalyptus Oil

Feeling congested? Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a pot of water, boil, and remove the pot from the stove. Then drape a towel over your head and shoulders, make sure to lean forward, so it forms a tent over the pan. Keep your face about 18 inches above the water as you breathe deeply. As the vapor rises, it will carry droplets of oil into your sinuses and loosen congestion. Studies have shown that the main ingredient in eucalyptus oil–cineole–can help people recover faster from acute sinusitis.

6. Horehound Tea for Sore Throats

Horehound Tea

Horehound, a plant from the mint family, can help reduce swelling or inflamed throat tissues. It also helps by thinning out mucus. To make the tea, steep two teaspoons of the chopped fresh herb in one cup of boiling water for ten minutes, strain and drink.



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