5. Clove Oil for Tooth and Gum Pain

Clove Oil

“Oil of cloves can sometimes soothe an inflamed tooth,” said Saul Pressner, DMD, a dentist in New York City. Clove oil has bacteria-slaying properties, as well as numbing effects. Simply mix a few drops of olive oil to avoid irritation, then swish it in your mouth.

4. Horse Chestnut for Varicose Veins

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut seed extract can help improve blood vessel elasticity and also seems to strengthen the valves inside veins, all due to an active ingredient called aescin. Take a 250 mg pill of horse chestnut seed extract twice a day for three months to see results.

3. Honey for Wounds

Honey For Wounds

Honey has been used to treat various symptoms for thousands of years, but people have also used honey to cure wounds. Pure honey contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which causes a chemical reaction that releases hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic. Honey can vary on the level of antibacterial potency depending on the honey type. For best results, scientists recommend manuka honey from New Zealand, which contains an additional compound that increases its effectiveness. Apply honey directly onto the wound every 12 to 24 hours and cover it with sterile gauze.

2. Sea Salt for Yeast Infections

Sea Salt

Use sea salt to treat yeast infections by sprinkling a cup of salt in a tub full of warm water. Then take a nice soak in the tub to relieve itching and pain.

1. Ginger for Nausea

Ginger For Nausea

Ginger is probably one of the most used natural ingredients, both to add flavor and cure several things, one being nausea. “Research has found ginger to be an effective digestive aid, most notably by helping to alleviate nausea due to morning sickness during pregnancy, motion sickness or chemotherapy,” said registered dietitian Erin Palinski-Wade, RC, CDE, author of Belly Fat for Dummies. “Although we do not yet understand the exact method that allows ginger to be effective at reducing nausea, it is thought it may work by ginger obstructing the serotonin receptors in the gut that cause nausea.”



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