51. Cranberry Juice for UTIs

Cranberry Juice

One of the age-old tales of curing urinary tract infections is drinking cranberry juice. But while we’ve heard they work wonders, can a simple fruit juice rid you of a UTI? Some experts believe it all comes down to flushing out the urinary tract by drinking plenty of fluids, or that the acidic environment isn’t hospitable to bacteria, but there may be more to it. “Cranberry has been shown to reduce how well the bacteria stick to the lining cells of the bladder,” says Diana Bitner, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Spectrum Health, although studies in women with recurrent infections have been found to be inconsistent. Even so, “cranberry is unlike to cause harm, might reduce bladder infections, and could be used in conjunction with other strategies your health care provider recommends,” Dr. Bitner suggested.

50. Honey for Coughs

Honey For

A persistent cough can dampen even the happiest moments, like when you finally attempt to get a good night’s sleep. Luckily, there is an old-fashioned natural remedy to keep that cough at bay. “Honey may help with a cough caused by irritation,” Dr. McGee says, by lubricating the throat. Studies have proved that honey can be more effective than cough medicine. “Just be sure not to use it in small children [under age one] as it may cause botulism,” Dr. McGee said.

49. Lavender for Trouble Sleeping


Not only is lavender an amazing fragrance used in popular perfumes, but this pleasant-smelling herb can be used an essential oil to help you get more shut-eye. Its medicinal powers help the body relax and allow you to fall asleep more easily. “Research shows that smelling lavender decreases heart rate and blood pressure, key elements of relaxation,” said sleep expert Richard Shane, Ph.D., creator of the Sleep Easily method. “The two main chemicals in lavender have been shown to have sedative and pain-relieving effects.” One study showed that people who smelled lavender before going to sleep had brain waves indicating deeper sleep. Only use lavender externally or by inhalation.



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