36. Avoid Cold Weather to Fight Off Colds

Avoid Cold Weather

It seems like an old wives’ tale, or something your family members would scare you with. But is it true? It’s now generally believed that the real reason we get sick during winter months is that we are cooped up inside sharing other peoples’ germs. But, there might be some validity to keeping warm while it’s cold out. According to a Yale study, the common cold virus replicates more effectively in cells of cooler temperature than at core body temperature, with the researchers mentioning that it appears that the immune response, not the virus itself, was the cause. In other words, as your mother probably told you, wear a hat and coat!

35. Tennis Ball for Achy Feet

Tennis Ball

Tennis balls as a massage device for tired feet? Fact! This old-school remedy is not only low-tech but also cost-effective, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. “This is a ‘plantar fascia’ [the ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes] massage,” said certified athletic trainer Phillip Adler, Ph.D., ATC, manager of Spectrum Health Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Programs. “The tennis ball helps to lengthen tight tissue on the bottom of the foot. Combined with heel cord stretching, or Achilles stretching, this technique can be very helpful for plantar fasciitis.”

34. Chewing Gum for Stress

Chewing Gum

This chewy substance does more than freshen your breath! A study from Japan found that two weeks of regularly chewing gum improved participants’ levels of anxiety, mood, and tiredness. A separate study from Australia also presented similar findings, with levels of the stress hormone cortisol lower in gum chewers by 16 percent during mild stress and 12 percent for moderate stress.



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