33. Buttermilk for Age Spots


Skip the expensive skin creams and save yourself the hassle of looking for the “right one” and instead try buttermilk. This rich by-product of butter contains lactic acid and ascorbic acid. A study revealed that this combination lightened age spots more effectively than using lactic acid alone. Apply the buttermilk to the desired spots using a cotton ball, then rinse with water after 20 minutes.

32. Vitamin C for Allergies

Vitamin C

As it turns out, vitamin C isn’t just used for colds; it is also an effective natural antihistamine! A study found that 74 percent of participants who used a vitamin C nasal spray reported their noses were less stuffy when compared to the patients who used a placebo. The study’s author recommended getting two grams per day from food and/or supplements.

31. Comfrey for Back Pain


This medicinal plant has been used for ages to treat joint and muscle pain. In a study observing 215 patients, researchers found that applying concentrated comfrey cream to the lower and upper back reduced muscle pain.

30. Aspirin for Calluses and Corns


Aspirin for calluses and corns? Yup! To create your corn-softening mix, simply crush five or six uncoated aspirin tablets into a fine powder. Mix the powder thoroughly with one-half teaspoon of lemon juice and one-half teaspoon of water. Dab the paste onto the desired area, lay a piece of plastic wrap on top, and cover the plastic with a heated towel. Remove everything after ten minutes and gently scrub away the loosened skin with a pumice stone. Warning: avoid this method if you are allergic to aspirin.



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