4. Fix Small Leaks

Puddles Of Water

Any small water leaks will give them a place to live and provide them a regular water supply. Even if it’s tiny, try to repair them.

3. Seal Small Gaps in Exterior Walls


They might be small gaps to you, but roof rats can fit into less than a 2 cm diameter crack and cause extensive electrical wire damage in the attic before you realize what has happened. Even if the crack is above ground, rats can jump up to 4 feet. If not sealed properly, they can squeeze in doorways and windows. Broken bricks or cracks around foundations need to be fixed.

2. Clean Downspouts and Gutters

clogged gutter

Bet you never thought of a rat going up your downspout like a ladder, and then to your roof and into the house. They are good climbers. Try to keep the gutters cleaned out, as it gives them less to hang on to.


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