You may feel the only thing you need to know about cockroaches is how to dial the exterminator when you see one. Signs that the nasty critters have invaded your home include droppings left behind in dark areas, a musty odor, and the creatures themselves racing across your floor. These resilient pests trigger allergies and spread bacteria. Keeping your home clean and sealing any cracks through which they might enter are useful preventative measures. Here are some additional facts you might not know about cockroaches—and perhaps more than you ever hoped to know!

6. Bigger Might Be Better

Big Cockroach

A big cockroach may seem like a bigger problem than a little cockroach. However, finding a cockroach longer than one inch in size inside your house may be better news than finding a small one. According to Terminix, the German cockroach is the most commonly found cockroach in American homes. This cockroach is 0.6 inches in size and light brown. If you come across one of these little guys, chances are he has a whole lot of family living in your home with him, while a larger cockroach might be one that just happened to wander in from outdoors. Even so, you should still give a pest control company a call if you notice one, big or small.

5. They Can Live a Month Without Food

Cockroaches Survive

While cockroaches can’t survive more than a week without water, they can go for a month without food. The bad news is that you won’t be able to starve them out of your home. There isn’t too much a cockroach won’t eat. Outdoors, they will eat both plants and decaying animals. Indoors, if given a choice, they will go for sweets, starchy foods, greasy foods, and proteins. In a pinch, they think nothing of ingesting dead animals, sewage, and paper—pretty much anything they can get a hold of.



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