Indoor Plants

Do you often wish you could bring your garden indoors, but worry about keeping a plant indoors due to wilting? Worry not! Keeping an indoor plant can be a great addition of color and bring a dose of freshness into your home. But more often than not, bringing plants into your home can cause them to die due to limited light, lack of water, and in the simplest of terms, you forgetting the plant even exists. But if your home doesn’t have enormous windows to let in warm rays of sunlight, you’re in luck! Fortunately for those who experience this issue, there are several plants you can purchase that can survive with little to no light. Below are seven plants you can add to your home or workspace that can live in the darkest rooms.

7. Mint


The great thing about growing mint indoors is that­ it can grow in an area with indirect sunlight. Mint can grow in a pot of soil or even in a bottle of water. The plant can also work as a decongestant, as the strong smell of mint can clear your nasal passages, throat, and lungs. Keep this plant around and clear your respiratory channels.

6. Begonias


There are tons of different varieties of begonias, all with their own combination of lively colors and delicate shapes. This plant can live happily in the shade, but depending on the variety of the plant, it can also live a full life in complete shade. Just be sure to regularly dose the plant with fresh fertilizer.


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