2. You Can Repurpose It for Organizing Your Home


Instead of allowing your plastic milk cartons to languish for years in a landfill site, use them to organize your home. Use the bases of milk cartons to separate picnic items at the bottom of your travel cooler. Place them in your refrigerator to store and separate fruits, vegetables, small dairy items, and meats. Keep plastic grocery bags tidy by cutting a hole in your carton to make a place to stash them. Cut a hole opposite the milk carton handle and store it behind your toilet as a handy toilet brush holder. Use a clean, dry milk carton as a trash receptacle in your car.

1. You Can Play with It

Play With Carton

Clean, empty milk cartons can also be repurposed for play time. The top half of a milk jug makes a great funnel for tots to play with on the beach. Amass a large collection of the jugs and let the kids build an indoor igloo or fort. Cut scoops out of cartons, grab a Wiffle ball and enjoy a game of toss and catch. Snip a large hole in the front of a carton, make bean bags from old socks and rice, and play a game of bean bag toss. Make a party game of dropping clothespins into empty milk cartons.



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