5. Make Yourself Taste Less Appealing


Find something that can absorb your sweat; sweating attracts mosquitoes. No alcohol, spicy foods, or bananas before going out for a hike or a picnic. These make you pretty tasty to those pesky biters. They are finding that your blood type and genetics play a large part in how tasty you are to mosquitoes.

4. No Scented Perfumes


It seems many perfumes and scented lotions attract biting insects. “Any scented perfume, lotion, or soap could potentially attract mosquitoes.” Says Nancy Troyane Ph. D. a board certified entomologist.

3. Wear Light Colored Clothes

Light Colored Clothing

It appears that the mosquito’s vision sees darker or brightly colored clothes as a bull’s eye since they stand out more than a light color. Light colors blend into the landscape so are harder to differentiate.

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