5. It Keeps Them Looking Young

Looking Young

You can forget about those night creams, handy dandy gels, and perfectly colored hair dye. The secret to looking younger for longer is right there in your bedroom…or on your kitchen table…or in your car. It may please you to know that all that sex you’ve been having is probably the real reason behind your youthful good looks.

A particular Scottish scientific study has shown that couples who have sex three or more times a week tend to look, at least, 10 years younger than other people in their age group. Due to the amount of estrogen that is released during orgasms, in men and women both, the body gets a major improvement on the quality of skin and hair, keeping lovers attractive for years to come. It’s also no secret that these attractive, but horny, couples also tend to be more confident and secure in their relationships as well.



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