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As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, many things have changed. Nowadays people are more focused on frequent handwashing and sanitizing services. The coronavirus does spread via airborne droplets and surfaces, which makes most people far more aware of the cleanliness of surfaces. In this article, we will explore things to avoid touching in someone else’s house.

Many of the things listed you should avoid touching not only for sanitary reasons but also because it is considered rude. As a visitor, you should always be respectful of someone else’s home and their personal space.

8. The Door

Touching Surfaces

When you first arrive at someone’s house, you should ring the doorbell or knock. Wait for them to invite you into the home. If you are worried about germs, use a hand sanitizer or wipe to clean your finger after you ring the doorbell. If your host should invite you in, then you can grab the doorknob and let yourself into the home.

Upon entering through the front door, always take the time to wipe your feet off on a rug or remove your shoes. In most areas of the world, it is considered rude to wear shoes indoors. Also, with COVID-19, many people are hyper-aware of bringing in germs into the home’s interior on the soles of shoes.

7. The Bedroom


The bedroom is always off-limits in a home unless they host invites you into the private bed chamber. However, in some homes such as a studio apartment or tiny flat, there might be no choice because the bedroom also serves as the living area. However, if even if the bed is in the middle of the living space, do not sit on the bed unless you are invited by the owner.

Many people store their guests’ coats in their bedroom. It is not unheard of to toss coats on the bed in a spare room. In such a situation, entering the bedroom to leave your coat or pick it up is perfectly acceptable. However, always wait to make sure that this is what your host is planning.


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