6. The Floor

Socks On Floor

It is not uncommon for many households to allow no shoes inside the home. If your host is not wearing shoes in their home, then you should ask if they want you to slip off your shoes inside. However, if your host has on shoes then it is typically safe to assume that you can leave your shoes on.

Even if you take off your shoes, never be so forward as to place your socked or bare feet on the couch, chair, coffee table, or any other furnishings in the home. Your feet should always remain on the floor to show respect.

5. Cabinets and Refrigerator


Never look in someone’s refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. If you want a beverage or you are hungry, ask before helping yourself. Even if you plan to stay for dinner, you should always wait until you are served before eating.

If you are visiting the home for dinner, always eat the food that is provided. Do not ask for anything else. Ideally, you should bring a beverage or gift if you have been invited for dinner as a gift of appreciation and gratitude. You should never show up as a dinner guest empty-handed without giving the host something.

Take the time to offer to help cook, set the table, or clean up. Never act as if your host is only a server. Instead, pitch in to help.

4. Windows or Thermostat

Open Window

Even if you are hot, never open the windows of someone else’s home or turn up/down the thermostat. Instead, ask the host if they can open a window or turn on a fan. Try to plan by bringing a jacket or sweater if it’s cold outside, because the inside of the home might also be uncomfortably frigid.


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