Shower Too Often

In America, two out of three people shower at least once or twice per day. In Australia, 80 percent of people shower daily. Meanwhile, reports show that in China half of people shower only twice a week. Clearly, showering is a cultural and learned behavior, but is it a necessity? 

Most people start showering frequently when they hit puberty. They will shower to wake up in the morning, to smell good, and to feel rejuvenated. However, you might be better off showering less frequently. In this article, we will look at why you should shower less and ways to improve the process. 

9. Are You Really as Dirty as You Think? 

Dirty Hands

If you live in a hot and humid location or you have a physically demanding job that makes you sweat a lot, then you might need a daily shower to clean yourself and rejuvenate. People who do not sweat often can easily go two or three days without a shower, according to leading dermatologist Monika G. Kiripolsky, MD. 

8. Itchy, Red, and Dry Skin 

Itchy Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It acts as a protective barrier and is critical for a healthy, functional immune system. Unfortunately, showering frequently weakens your skin and makes it vulnerable to irritation. It is extremely susceptible during the cold and dry winter months. 

“The soap and the hot water dissolve the lipids in the skin and scrubbing only hastens the process. The more showers you take, the more frequently this damage takes place and the less time your skin has to repair itself through natural oil production,” according to Casey Carlos, assistant professor of medicine in the division of dermatology at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. 

After showering, if your skin feels tight it’s not a good thing. It means that your skin is too dry and prone to irritation. Your skin can quickly become red, inflamed, painful, and itchy if allowed to dry out too much.

Dry, cracked skin is susceptible to bacterial infections. Frequently showering washes away the good bacteria which would fight the bad, so when a small lesion opens up in your skin then bad bacteria can quickly invade to cause a serious infection. 


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