Your Refrigerator

A refrigerator can be a significant investment. First of all, the purchase of the refrigerator itself is a large expenditure. Secondly, you rely on your fridge to keep your perishables fresh and free from contamination. If your refrigerator or freezer gives out, you can take a financial hit from the loss of expensive frozen meats and other foods. Furthermore, you may find yourself shopping for a pricey new appliance. To get the most value from your refrigerator, check out these tips for helping your appliance give you years of valuable service.

9. Keep Your Fridge Clean and Organized


The first step in maintaining a well-functioning appliance is to keep it clean and organized. Mop up interior spills to prevent liquids from increasing the moisture level inside your refrigerator. Increased humidity inside the appliance causes your fridge to work overtime. In addition, take care to wipe away dried food or sticky residue from the doors and seals. If the refrigerator seal is not airtight, air can leak out. Organizing your refrigerator so you can easily find the items you need enables you to spend less time with the door open while you peruse the shelves.

8. Clean the Defrost Drain

Defrost Drain

Check and clean the defrost drain of your refrigerator to keep it running at peak performance. According to GE Appliances, a clogged defrost drain can cause water to leak onto your floor or beneath the freezer compartment. If the drain hole is accessible, GE recommends flushing it with a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda in two cups of hot water. Furthermore, you can prevent clogging by flushing the baking soda solution into the drain opening one or two times each year.


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