We asked a gynecologist if one type of underwear is better or healthier for your vagina than another. Candice Fraser, M.D., FACOG, founder of Trinity Medical Center in New York, says that everything from style to material can be attributed to irritation or infections.

There are so many underwear options today. You have boxers, briefs, shorts, thongs, and bikini panties, along with a variety of materials to choose from, from cotton to synthetics like nylon. Of course, underwear helps to protect your outer clothing from vaginal discharge or blood and can absorb odor. This works if you change your undies frequently. It can prevent chafing for some who are sensitive to certain material or seams on clothes.

There are several doctor-approved tips on vaginal health that your OB-GYN may not have mentioned during your last check-up.

5. Wearing No Underwear at All

No Underwear

Yes, this is healthy, but especially at night, since it helps your vagina breathe better, reducing yeast infections. It especially helps those with vulvodynia, or pain in the vulva.

4. Natural versus Synthetic Underwear Material


Cotton is more natural, especially during workouts”, says Dr. Susan Chatterjee at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, as it is more breathable and absorbable. If you prefer synthetic materials, be sure to wear moisture-wicking underwear. Synthetics encompass nylon, spandex, and polyester and are associated with a higher risk of vaginal infections and yeast problems due to more heat and moisture.


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