9. Use Only Fresh, Clean Water

A Glass Of Water

If your water doesn’t have a pleasant taste, then your coffee will also have an odd flavor. Ideally, you should only use clean water that appears clear and odor-free. If you have a water filter in your refrigerator, use that water to brew your coffee. You can also warm the water in the microwave to make it taste cleaner and fresher.

8. The Coffee Grounds Matter

Coffee Grounds

It is imperative that you use fresh coffee grounds to render a robust cup of java. You can even grind your own beans and place the ground coffee into smaller bags or containers to lock in the flavor. Ideally, you should always strive to keep your coffee grounds fresh.

If you buy ground coffee, purchase only small amounts so you are always using fresh coffee. Yes, it’s tempting to buy in bulk to save money, but coffee won’t remain fresh for exceedingly long. Once the beans are exposed to light, heat, and air, they start to lose their flavorful characteristics.

7. Use Your Ground Beans Right Away

Coffee Bean Grinder

A bean grinder renders optimum freshness to any cup of coffee. However, you should use the beans immediately after you dry them to ensure freshness. If you are going to place the beans in the microwave, do that before you grind them.

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