3. Experiment to Discover What You Like

Make Your Coffee Less Acidic

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the brew to discover exactly what you like. Try different types of coffee, different ratios, and use purified water to find the flavor that you want in a cup of coffee. Everyone is different, so what tastes good to you might not taste good to another person.

2. Invest in a Good Coffeepot

The pot you use matters. You will want to invest in a good, quality machine to enjoy the best cup of coffee. The ideal coffeepot should allow coffee and hot water to meet each other for about four minutes.

1. Reconsider Single Serve Coffeepots

Coffee From A Keurig

A single serving coffee pot saves time, but the coffee does not encounter the water for a long period of time, so there is a loss of flavor. For maximum coffee taste, go with a different kind of pot.

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