14. Young Adulthood

Young Adulthood

Young adulthood can be an exciting time when life and all of its promise begins to unfold. People just starting off in life often face the years ahead with optimism and life goals. But, in their twenties, these individuals also face the stresses of obtaining an education, finding an appropriate job, and starting a family. These stresses can lead to anxiety and depression if one is unable to take the time to notice and appreciate simple joys. Youth can be wasted living to achieve goals without remembering to recognize the beauty of each moment.

13. Middle Age

Middle Age

Middle age has its own pressures, as individuals continue to work to meet earlier goals, support a home and family, and set aside money for retirement. It stands to reason that these years may result in a decreased sense of happiness. Previous goals for career, home, and family may not have been met. Therefore, a person may fear that they will never achieve the happiness they have been striving for. Thankfully, good things are ahead for this group. If you find yourself in this category, read on for a peek at those happy, golden years. You will also find tips for finding joy in your current age and situation.

12. Those Golden Years

Golden Years

In an article for AARP, Sonja Lyubomirsky, an expert in the area of happiness, links the happiness found in retirement years to emotional wisdom. This is the wisdom that comes from knowing true happiness is based on maintaining close, personal relationships rather than seeking money or fame.  Lyubomirsky recommends focusing more on gratitude than on constantly evaluating one’s level of happiness.

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