11. Take Time to Appreciate Beauty

Appreciate Beauty

If you are in the busy middle stage of life, you may be relieved to learn that the years ahead will contain joy, contentment, and an appreciation of life. However, you don’t have to wait until you are a senior citizen to seize the joy each day brings. If you find yourself in need of a little happiness, it can help to take time to slow down and look around you. Don’t just gulp your morning cup of coffee and rush out the door. Sip your morning brew out on your balcony or while watching the day unfold from your kitchen window.

10. Give Positive Imagery a Try

Positive Imagery

If stress is getting you down, try positive imagery as a way to relieve tension and find happiness in your current situation. Take a moment to close your eyes and shut out the pile of paperwork, the sink full of dirty dishes, or the commotion of public transportation. Visualize yourself in your favorite calm, relaxing, place of beauty. It may be a sandy beach, a soothing bubble bath, or a forest retreat. Take a moment to visualize this place, calm your breathing, and refresh your mind to face the tasks at hand.

9. Connect with Friends and Other Generations

Connect With Friends

Make time to nurture relationships in order to reap the benefits this has on your happiness level. Plan for breaks from the chaos of daily life and meet a friend for a chat and a cup of coffee or a walk in the fresh air. Forming relationships with those of other generations can introduce a new perspective and bring new joy. Take a niece or nephew to the zoo. Visit with an elderly neighbor for words of wisdom, companionship, and tales of the past you might otherwise never discover.



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