8. Get Outside

Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine can do a lot to improve your mood and bring joy to an otherwise stressful day. Grab a buddy and head out for a hike in a neighborhood park. If you have a dog, take your furry pet for a daily stroll.

7. Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

According to Psychology Today, the accumulation of clutter can contribute to depression and anxiety. Relieving yourself of the clutter that can fill closets, overwhelm countertops, and overstuff shelves can go a long way toward relieving mental clutter or anxiety. Take time to go through your belongings. If there are items you haven’t touched or used in years, consider donating these possessions to a charity where they can be used and enjoyed again.

6. Try Something New

Something New

Experience a fresh burst of creative energy by trying something new. Take a pottery class, try out a cooking course, or join a book club. Investigate a wine club, take up golf, or join a choir. Think about activities you have always wanted to try and then stimulate your mind by giving them a try.


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