3. Space Your Cookies Evenly

Space Your Cookies

When placing your cookie dough on the baking sheet, take care to space them evenly. Typically, cookies do well when spaced about two inches apart. You don’t want to have wasted space on your baking sheet. However, you also don’t want to place cookies so closely together that they melt into each other. In addition, to ensure an even temperature, you may want to bake only one tray of cookies in the oven at a time. If you do choose to place multiple cookie sheets in the oven at the same time, rotate the pans to allow for even browning.

2. Cool Slightly Before Removing

Cool Slightly

After you pull your cookie sheet from the oven, allow the cookies to cool slightly before transferring them to a cooling rack. Scooping the cookies from the tray too soon can cause them to fall apart. Allowing them to cool slightly helps them to retain their shape. If you are looking for a new cookie recipe, check out Food and Wine’s recipe for Lemony Butter Cookies. The tartness of lemon and the sweetness of sugar combine to form this mouthwatering confection.

1. Use a Cooling Rack

Cooling Rack

To complete the cooling process, use a spatula to transfer your slightly cooled cookies from the baking sheet to a cooling rack. Then, allow your cookies to come to room temperature on the rack before placing them in a storage container. Storing your cookies too soon will create condensation that will make the cookies soggy. Of course, the best cookies are warm cookies, so feel free to serve up some of those warm cookies with glasses of cold milk for dunking. Enjoy!

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