Keeping clean between the cheeks can often be a cause for concern, or even confusion, especially when it comes to properly wiping and washing. If you feel a bit clueless about your booty routine, you’re not alone. According to Reddit users, there are plenty of people who aren’t fully aware of how to treat their tush.

Although wiping and washing might seem like a basic skill, the reality is that things can often get complicated. If you aren’t carefully applying a “strict” hygiene routine, improper cleaning can lead to odor or discomfort. The following are useful tips and tricks to use that’ll leave your butt squeaky clean and odorless!

How to Wipe


First, and foremost, the initial step to achieving peak cleanliness is maintaining a well-wiped butt. Wiping and cleaning are linked together, which is something we were taught long ago after our diaper phase.

Unfortunately, the correct way to wipe your butt might puzzle you. According to Dr. Joel Krachman MD, chief of gastroenterology for New Jersey-based AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, wiping roughly or quickly is definitely one thing you should avoid.

“Some people wipe so vigorously that they irritate the anal area,” said Krachman. Doing so can cause painful conditions such as hemorrhoids or anal abscesses, which can lead to their own separate set of issues, including bleeding, itching, and leakage. If you suffer from those conditions, try skipping regular TP and try using wet wipes.

It’s a good idea to use wet wipes, but you might want to take a closer look at the ingredients, as many popular brands contain the preservative methylisothiazolinone, which is “an ingredient that can cause an allergic reaction in a lot of people,” according to pharmacologist Joe Graedon, co-founder of The People’s Pharmacy, a consumer advocacy website.

Graedon recommends skipping fancy products and instead sticking to traditional liquefied witch hazel to clean your butt. After wiping, try adding a few drops of witch hazel to a small wad of toilet paper (just enough to dampen it) and give your butt a final wipe. While it may not clean on a microscopic level, Graedon says using it can help ensure “far less bacterial contamination.”

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How to Wash

Cooler Showers

The best way to make sure your butt is clean is done while cleaning your entire body; i.e., a shower.

Cleaning, in every sense of the word, means adding soap, not just water! And it also doesn’t mean using just any old bar of soap and gliding it between the cheeks. There’s more to the process (thankfully!).

Dr. Krachman strongly suggests using a soap that’s gentle on the skin. Look for “sensitive” or “gentle” soap bars that will significantly help with things below the belt. And most importantly, never use the same soap bar on the rest of your body or face.

It’s also recommended you use a handheld showerhead for direct and close cleansing. If you’re using a washcloth or loofah, remember to avoid vigorous motions.

No matter your preferred method, the basics of soap, washing, and keeping clean can go a long way in your hygiene routine. Don’t want to deal with another toilet paper shortage – pick up this top-rated Bidet with a night light.

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